There is nothing quite like a Gunners Baracks wedding. The wedding photography of Brianna & John.  Took place at the very popular and venue with much character Gunners Barracks in the Sydney suburb of Mosman.  Gunners Barracks really is a wedding photographers candy store with all the heritage details. I have lost count the number of times I have photographed weddings at Gunners Barracks and it never gets tired as their is so much photo opportunity , all within walking distance.

Brianna & John opted to do their wedding a little different from most weddings. Basically to have your wedding photography done prior to the ceremony.  Although I have noticed this is becoming more and more popular.

Opting to schedule your wedding this way is beneficial in a number of ways. It means you aren’t away from your guests at all once the ceremony has completed.  It also allows for a first look, which Brianna and John took full advantage of.  first looks help calm the nerves of the couples plus allows the groom to see his soon to be wife before any of the guests do. Which kind of makes it special for the couple.

We headed down the hill from Gunners Barracks to a park called Clifton Gardens.  There John stood on the beach waiting anxiously for Brianna to arrive.  Once Brianna was in position, 5 meters behind John with his back turned to her.  I gave John the word to turn around to see Brianna in her beautiful wedding dress for the first time.

After capturing all the emotional moments of the first look we commenced the location shoot for an hours.

From there we all headed to Gunners Barracks where the ceremony took place outside in the courtyard

 After the ceremony.  Brianna & John could enjoy their time with all their guests during canapés without the interruption of the photo shoot.

After the canapés we all headed inside for the always delicious Gunners Barracks food.  It’s always top shelf.

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