Fagan Park in Dural is a great place to have your wedding photography. This is exactly what Katherine and Ash did.  About an hour North West of the Sydney CBD.

Katherine & Ash were married in St Michaels in Baulkam Hills. The reception held at The Madison Function Centre in Dural. More on this later.

I really wanted let you about Fagan Park.

I have photographed many times in Fagan Park.  But for whatever reason, never written a blog, until now. So here we go.

The best thing about Fagan Park would have to be its versatility.  The massive 10 hectares are zoned into gardens of the world. For example.  There is the Mediterranean garden and the Chinese gardens. My two favourite. These two gardens feature in the images below. But they have a stack more gardens of the world. Such as Australian, dutch, Japanese etc. You get the picture. This place is huge. Hence why you don’t need to go anywhere else.

Even if you are not having a wedding. Fagan Park also has picnic and barbecue areas. Along with a massive kids playground, which has it’s very own flying fox. You don’t get the in may playgrounds.

Even though Fagan Park is big. You still can comfortably walk around and get too any of the gardens, even in high heels.

Katherine, Ash and the bridal party had no problem walking around the gardens. Everyone was in such good spirits and had such a ball photographing.

Fagan Park is also a great spot to have a wedding ceremony. With it’s own lake and pontoon where guest can be seated. The main bridge sits smack bang in the middle of Fagan Park which is also a great spot to have you wedding photographs.

There is plenty of parking and wedding cars and photographers are allowed to drive through the park to the different gardens.

To book your ceremony or to have your wedding photography in Fagan Park simply follow this link. http://www.hornsby.nsw.gov.au/my-lifestyle/sports-and-recreation/parks-and-playgrounds/galston/fagan-park

A small shout out to The Madison Function Centre. Such a nice venue. The staff were so friendly and helpful. Nothing was too much trouble even for the service providers such as myself.


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