The wedding photography of Yianna & Greg.  The ceremony was held at St George Greek Orthodox church Rose Bay Sydney.  The venue took place at Doltone House Darling Island Wharf.

I love the polished floors of St George Greek church. I could really create some interesting reflections.  Just to give the images that little bit extra pop.

After the ceremony we all headed to Centennial Park in Sydney. We took family portraits and a few bridal party shots.  The long grasses made for some compelling images.  Although we were all a bit worried about possible snakes nearby.

After, we made a beeline for The Rocks in Millers Point. After stopping at the famous door 64.  As it’s been unofficially named.  We to a pit stop at a local bar to quench the thirst.  Grab some unique wedding images in the bar and spent another 15 minutes photographing around the area.  The vintage looking backstreets of The Rocks truly are a gem.

The bridal party were great. Such fun to be around.  Always taking the mickey out of one another. really keeping the mood relaxed and fun. As you can tell by the photographs. Yianna couldn’t keep the smile off her face all day.

Back at Doltone House Darling Island the entrance of Yianna & Greg was absolutely spectacular.  In over 26 years of photographing I have never see the dramatic effect of fog falling from the ceiling.   As Yianna & Greg emerged form the colorful wall of clouds.

The Bridal dance they took it to the next level. As the fog made it’s way across the dance floor. Fireworks were set off creating for a real magical dreamy effect.  Very much a fairy tale wedding.

All in all we managed to pack a lot in to one day. With many memorable moments that Yianna and Greg can live over and over again, For many years to come.

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