An Athol Hall wedding makes for one hot wedding. The wedding photography of Milie & Julian.  Held at Athol Hall.  Situated in the northern suburb of Sydney in Mosman.

It was one of Sydney’s hottest day in record. From memory about 43 degrees. Milie and Julian had their ceremony on the lawns of Athol Hall.

Luckily we were able hold the ceremony under one of the tress while the staff handed out iced cold water to all guests.

After the ceremony we headed down the back of the venue to the local beach. While not a huge beach it’s very private with only a few other people there.

Although we didn’t take advantage of the track.  There is a track that leads to Bradleys head.  So there is plenty of photo opportunity if you have plenty of time on your hand.

Being such a hot day we spent a short and productive time photographic on the beach and the rock formation.

After the photo shoot we all headed back to the venue.  Tables were joined in three one long lines to create a more cosy, together atmosphere.